About the Book

Criticizing is often easier than getting involved, especially when it comes to government. Yet history shows the better way to change government is from within. During his seventy years in Babylon, Daniel influenced three ungodly administrations. His decades of public service show how…

  • Godly capable people can influence government from within.
  • Standing for your convictions can be lonely yet effective.
  • When others want you out of office, God can keep you in.
  • A godly forgotten voice in government can be heard again.
  • You can finish strong when you want to quit…and more.

Beyond Daniel’s life, The Inside Man also addresses God’s design for government, what to pray for a president, and what to consider before voting. It is an important read for any believer considering public service, and a reminder to pray for believers and unbelievers in public services.

Should Christians be Involved in Government?

During my thirty plus years as a pastor, I have watched Christians fume over government. Whether in the church parking lot or hallway, the bile of mistrust spews. Pointing to a bill, law, vote, or decision, these political armchair quarterbacks feel they could do better. Yet few ever enter the game. It’s safer to bark from the sidelines than step on the field to make a difference. Weary with the finger pointing and name calling by believers, I looked to scripture for a biblical view of government and how God’s people should act toward government. Romans 13:1–7 describes how God ordains government (whether local, state or national) to be a blessing to its people. Furthermore, 1 Timothy 2:1–4 charges Christians to pray for those in authority. Amusingly, God inspires Timothy to write that command as Nero burns Rome and blames Christians.

Many overlooked portraits of political figures used by God hang in the halls of scripture. Besides the godly kings and generals serving Israel and Judah, you have Joseph, Esther, Nehemiah and Daniel serving in governments that did not share their beliefs. The unapologetic aim of this book is to move believers from miffed spectators to difference makers. Christians need to put their voices to work through prayer and by participating in the election process.

Civic minded Christians should also consider pursuing public service. Using Daniel as an example, we see an individual surrendered to God influencing government from within. Hopefully, this book will encourage those already in public service (whether elected or vocational). It is nice hearing from someone who understands what you are going through, especially when that someone is a key figure in scripture.

Why I Wrote This Book

Robert Bellah, a sociologist with the University of California at Berkeley, shows how little it takes for a society to change its mind and direction. He writes, “The quality of a culture may change when two percent of its people have a new vision.” 1 America’s first president understood this constant threat. In his farewell address, George Washington warned against any “small, artful, enterprising minority” controlling government. 2 My concern is that a faceless enterprising minority now influences America. By rewriting history, re-shaping education, and controlling what’s heard, read, and seen, they are shifting the culture. Our nation once felt comforted hearing their president speak of his and our nation’s dependence on God and His Word. Today, many sneer at quotes from our founding fathers regarding the vital place of Scripture and faith. They want at best a spiritually benign state where the people and government are accountable to each other, not God. That is why I wrote THE INSIDE MAN: How One Person Can Influence Government. It looks closely at Daniel’s life in government. Daniel was a faceless minority influencing a nation that did not acknowledge or revere God. At different times during his life as a public servant, God used Daniel to shift the culture of a government ignoring God. My hope is that THE INSIDE MAN influences believers to get involved in public service. I pray God calls out believers to influence local, state, or national governments from within. In America, such involvement could shift us back to being a people humbled by God and submitting to Him.